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Elevi de liceu

Sam, Ozgu, Abdullah, Ashley, Nadejda,
Lorena, Anitoae;

Sam Darko ----- Accra, Ghana
My name is Sam Darko. I am a journalist by profession
and a teacher in Accra Ghana.


Ozgu Ozcan Ozturk ----- Istanbul, Turkey
Abdullah Suarta ----- Bogor, Indonesia
I am Abdullah Suarta, I teach English language in Senior High School 1 Bogor, Indonesia. There are 35 students in my class, and they are between 15 and 17 years old in average. It is grade 12th.
My school has 27 classes (grade 10th , 11th , and 12th , each level consists of 9 classes). Our school is located in Bogor City, across the Presidential Palace and Bogor Botanical Garden. It was built in 1946. Until now it is one of the famous public (state) schools in Bogor .
Bogor is a small city and not so far from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, and located on West Java Island . It is also known as a rainy city because it has a high level of rainfall comparing to other cities in Indonesia, we got to prepare umbrella with us, wherever we go, either in dry or rainy season (we only have 2 seasons here). Come to visit us, you are very welcome, we'll be happy to show you some tourist resorts in our city.


Ashley Rubolotta ----- Lincoln Park, New Jersey, United States

My name is Ashley Rubolotta and I am an English teacher at The Craig School in Lincoln Park, NJ in the North-Eastern United States. This year I am teaching Writing, British Literature, Performing Arts (theater and acting), and Film and Society.


Ashley Rubolotta
200 Comly Road
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
United States


Nadejda Salikhova ----- Almetyevsk, Russia

Hello everyone in LC!
I and my students like and we are enterested the idea for us to send
the Welcome Packs through the post.
My address is: 423450, Salikhova Nadejda,
school #10 Lermontov street 14,
Almetyevsk city,Russia.

Lorena Ortiz ----- Wesley Chapel Florida, United States
I teach in a suburban high school in Wesley Chapel Fl. which is in the west coast of the peninsula. I teach 5 classes of world history, 2 of which are advanced placement or college level classes to 14 -15 year old students of diverse background. I have been teaching for 18 years and am very involved in professional development to enhance my teaching and keep the classes exciting. I enjoy traveling to different countries during my summer break and adding new information from my travels.


Anitoae Liliana ----- Husi, Vaslui, Romania
I am a physics teacher in a agriculture high school.It is a big one,with more than 1000 students,in 45 classes.They're age is between 14 and 20 years.I live in Husi,a small city near the border with Republic of Moldova.My city is also known like the city of wine.


opanyin@gmail.com (Sam Darko)
ozguoz82@gmail.com (Ozgu Ozcan Ozturk)
suarta2007@yahoo.com (Abdullah Suarta)
astrogrrl138@yahoo.com (Ashley Rubolotta)
snadejda@mail.ru (Nadejda Salikhova)
loortiz@pasco.k12.fl.us (Lorena Ortiz)
liliana_anitoae@yahoo.com (Anitoae Liliana)
haiku.concurs@yahoo.com (Anisoara Iordache)
anisoaraiordache1956@yahoo.com (Anisoara Iordache)


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