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Getting to Know You


Hello. My name is Iotis Partecha from the 13thgrade-letter I . I am very happy I can corespondate with students from other countryes . I like maths and sports class . I participated with the high-school footbal team at a sport contest and won 3rd place .
I learn at scholl tourism- centre for excellence in hospitality and tourism businesses,
and study tourism managemen.I will work in international hotel or foodservice.

Class Name: a XIIIa I

A. Name of teacher: Anisoara Iordache

B. Grade level:16-19

C. Class favorites (List your class top 5 favorites in each category):

1. Music groups house, pop, blues

2. Authors Mihai Eminescu, J.K. Rowling

3. TV programs. Discovery,

4. Foods pizza,

5. School subjects geography, social studies, English, math

6. Sports basketball, footbal

7. Video or computer games Warcraft

1. School information

Hello everybody,
I'm Elvira Nica, the vice-headmaster of Grup Scolar "C.A.Rosetti", Constanta, Romania. In 2007-2008 academic year I have been in charge and I have coordinated some educational activities such as: "Education through sport against violence", "Frienship versus violence", "The impact of Television and Internet on students' personality and on their parents", "Together for a tidier classroom", "Next to us". Some of these activities took place in partnership with various other institutions, educational, public and police.
My best regards,
Elvira Nica

A. School information

1. Name and address of class and school: C.A. ROSETII

Bulevardul : 1 MAI

Telefon: 0341-405815 0341-405814 581284

2. Number of students in class and school :class: 55 students, school :1600

3. Size of school: HUGE

4. Type and number of computer: around 79

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Welcome to " C.A. ROSETTI " school


Hi Friends:

Welcome to Cogealac

We are from Romanian, my name is Raluca Grigore, I am a teacher on a high school, in a city near Constanta, Cogealac. My student have between 14-18 years. We participated at sport competitions: football and rugby. Our main subjects at school are: natural science and ecological, environment protection. We have a school magazine "Archways" and we are discussing with our students about an Internet site.
We wait for your answer and a very good collaboration! Good Bye!

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Constanta is located in a region of Romania called Dobrogea
which is the land between the Danube River to the west and Black Sea to the east. The history of the city goes back to 657 BC when it was the Greek controlled town of Tomis. When Romania became a Province of the Roman Empire in 106 AD the Romans later renamed the city after emperor Constantine who fortified and developed the city from 320 - 350 AD. The city was later destroyed in the 8th century by invading Slavs and Avars and then fell under Byzantine control. In 1418 the Turks had there turn at the region until the mid 1800s when the national state of Romania was created in 1862. Constanta was taken by Romania in 1877 after the Romanian War of Independence.

Welcome to Romania

Romania is situated in the southeastern part of Central Europe and shares borders with Hungary to the northwest, Yugoslavia to the southwest, Bulgaria to the south, the Black Sea and Ukraine to the southeast and to the north and the Republic of Moldova to the east. Roughly the size of Oregon, Romania is the second largest country in the area, after Poland.

Geographical location of Romania: between latitudes 43°37'07" and 48°15'06" North and longitudes 20°15'44" and 29°41'24" East.

Romania extends approximately 300 miles North to South and 400 miles East to West.

Bucharest — the capital city of Romania — is aligned approximately with the cities of Portland, Oregon; Montreal, Canada; Venice, Italy; and Bordeaux, France.

Mountains: 31% of Romania's territory
• Hills and orchards: 36%
• Plains: 33%
• Areas covered by rivers and lakes: 3.7 %
• Total number of lakes: 3,500
• Lakes greater than 250 acres: 300
• Highest mountain peak: Moldoveanu Mt. — 8,349 ft. (2544 m.)