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Name of Project:The Beauty of Nature

Goal of The Project: We would like to write some articles about the beauty of nature and interesting natural phenomenas.We want to reproduce in our lab some of them and to look for poems,drawings and songs about these.We want to learn more about how we can protect our Earth.

Type Of Writing Requested: Commentary of students regarding their understanding the natural phenomanas and how to protect nature.These comments will be sent to

Description of What You Are Looking For From Other Schools:

For example, a response may look like this:

I like this natural phenomena because…

Questions: Also, please complete the following survey.

If possible, have each student in the class, and the teachers, complete this.

Detailed Instructions For Collecting Information: Please complete the online survey.

The results will be automatically calculated. Please, in a Word Document or in the body of an e-mail, have your students complete a personal comment on environment issues. This can be e-mailed directely .

Ideal Number Of Submissions From Each School:

ONLINE SURVEY: As many as possible, but at least 10


Preferred Length Of Articles: One paragraph personal expression, also completion of the online survey

Deadline For Receiving Information (Circle deadline is December 5, 2010): Please complete both the online survey and the personal comments by November 30. Thank you.

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