duminică, 19 iunie 2011

1. Local History, Project Description

1. Name of Project: The Local History

2. Brief one-sentence description of project: Students write essays about the history of their home place can make power point presentation or prepare a blog

3. Full description of project: The project starts in October and continues through May. Participating educators can post a message in the introductions thread to introduce their class.

4. Age/level of project participants: any

5. Timetable/Schedule for the project: Ongoing

6. Possible project/classroom activities: e-mail exchange; forum; essay writing, sharing pictures

7. Expected outcomes/products: creating school sites; publishing booklets; Certificate of Participation

8. Project contribution to others and the planet: When students of all ages explore their own home place, learn threw history of their family and settlement, they contribute to our general knowledge of cultures and traditions. If they are writing to their peers in a foreign language, their motivation is increased.

9. Project language(s): any; English as the language of international communication

10. Curriculum area: any

11. Names/email of initial participating groups: iEARN community

12/13. Name/Emails of facilitator(s): Shukufa Najafova, shukufa1961@yahoo.com, Azerbaijan, Rimma Zhukova, Russia, karaguz@mail.ru, and Scott Parker, USA, sparker281@ruraltel.net ************************************************************************************** http://localhistoryshukufa.blogspot.com/

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