sâmbătă, 16 februarie 2008

Getting to Know You


Hello. My name is Iotis Partecha from the 13thgrade-letter I . I am very happy I can corespondate with students from other countryes . I like maths and sports class . I participated with the high-school footbal team at a sport contest and won 3rd place .
I learn at scholl tourism- centre for excellence in hospitality and tourism businesses,
and study tourism managemen.I will work in international hotel or foodservice.

Class Name: a XIIIa I

A. Name of teacher: Anisoara Iordache

B. Grade level:16-19

C. Class favorites (List your class top 5 favorites in each category):

1. Music groups house, pop, blues

2. Authors Mihai Eminescu, J.K. Rowling

3. TV programs. Discovery,

4. Foods pizza,

5. School subjects geography, social studies, English, math

6. Sports basketball, footbal

7. Video or computer games Warcraft

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